The training program will be repeated three times within a timeframe of 9 months (September 2018- May 2019). Each edition will comprise a maximum of 20 participants. At the end of the program, the total of 60 judges will complete the training .

Each edition of the training program has the following structure:

– E-learning

participants will attend a 10 hours interdisciplinary online video training course on  EU antitrust damages actions directive (and the Italian transposing legislation) and the economic principles of competition law. The course will consist of 40 lessons of about 15 minutes each. The dedicated platform will also provide:

  • updates on European and national case law on Directive 2014/104. Judgments in English will be translated in Italian and Italian judgments, vice versa, will be translated in English;
  • an international Glossary on Competition Law clarifying terms and definitions to ensure the consistency and the coherence in application of law;
  • other relevant documents with regard to the topics of the training (presentations, reading materials, academic articles, etc.);
  • a forum in which participants could interact by posting and commenting questions and exchanging views and experiences. Professors and speakers of the program will take part in discussions and could be directly addressed by participants with questions. This approach aims at improving and encouraging the cooperation and experience exchange between national judges as well as to provide an individual coaching service to support participants in overcoming their difficulties in dealing with practical cases.

-Four days of residential training at the University of Macerata (Italy):

a first two-day seminar in Macerata consists of classroom-taught lectures on Directive 2014/104 on antitrust damages actions (and the Italian transposing legislation) and the economic principles of competition law. In this first seminar the specific needs of the audience will be outlined in order to be addressed during the following training program.

A second two-day seminar, at the end of the program, is practically-oriented and based on simulations and dealing with real case studies, focused on the issue of the quantification of antitrust harm in the framework of damages actions, including the application of the methods for quantification identified in the Commission’s Practical Guide on the Quantification of Antitrust Harm. This last seminar aims at providing a tailor-made and advanced training to highly motivated judges in order to expand their knowledge base.

Both seminars are held at the University of Macerata and are taught by professors and expert speakers from top academic establishments, European and Italian institutions, and national Courts dealing with competition law proceedings.

-A final conference at the University of Macerata:

all the participants will be invited to the final conference where the worldwide exchange of ideas among national judges and government officials with interests in EU competition law will be promoted